About the Channel

The Beginnings

Thanks for wanting to know a little more about the channel.

Starting in 2013, I began arranging orchestral music using synthesizer software and MIDI files. These pieces were posted to Youtube using a MIDI visualization software. After a few videos, I realized the music community was more interested in piano musical arrangements, specifically video game arrangements.

Making Arrangements

Most arrangements are requests from viewers and MIDIs they have sent to me to be visualized and recorded. Then crafting arrangements, I try to balance making the piece playable on the piano without losing the integrity of the piece. Some music cannot be perfectly replicated on the piano. The goal is to preserve as many of the nuances as possible.

Finally, when working with synthesized MIDI files, it is easy to lose the human aspect of the music. Oftentimes, MIDI files sound mechanical since the software is “reading” the notes and “playing” them perfectly. People do not play music with that same perfection. Rather it’s the imperfections that make it sound natural. There are subtle shifts to the length of notes, release times, and variations in note alignments. To preserve that natural feel in a MIDI, the notes are first programmed in and then their position and duration are shifted to produce that variability.

Thanks for reading about my work and channel.

Make sure to check out the Downloads page to see all the available MIDI files.


Can I use the midis from this site in my own videos/remixes/arrangements?

Please do! I would greatly appreciate it if you credit or mention me in some form. That can be as simple as crediting me in the video description or linking to my original work. And please let me know when you publish your work. I enjoy seeing other’s creative work!

How can I request an arrangement?

To request an arrangement, send me a message on the “Contact Me” page. Please provide the name of the song, the game or place it originates from and any other relevant details.

I have arranged a song and would like you to feature it on your channel. How can I submit it?

Please send the Midi file to [email protected]. Include your name (so I can give proper credit), the song name and where it is from in the email. I will get working on preparing it for publication on my channel!